Natural Remedies For Dog Anxiety

Natural remedies for dog anxiety come in a wide variety of shapes and forms - one of them, or the right combination, might be just what your anxious dog needs.

There are lots of choices, including....

  • Natural Remedies
  • Products & Accessories
  • Audio Products
  • Treats & Supplements
  • Behavioral & Lifestyle Changes

These types of dog anxiety remedies aren't the only option of course. 

There are medications that can be used to treat severe anxiety issues in dogs and other pets.

In some cases these are the best option, but there are always side-effects and for mild to moderate anxiety it's sort of like taking a sledgehammer to crack a nut.

Having lived with anxious dogs myself, I've tested a fair few natural products as I prefer to keep mainstream medication as a 'last resort option'. 

Not all remedies work for all dogs, it's often a matter of trial and error to find out what helps your individual pooch.

However, the products on this page have proven themselves to be both effective and safe when used by dogs of all ages and sizes.

Dogs are at risk of developing anxiety issues as they age, even if they've previously been confident.

This can be caused by physical or emotional problems, or a combination of both. You can learn more about this here.... A Guide To Old Dog Anxiety.

Best Natural Remedies For Dog Anxiety

All of these products are made from natural ingredients which makes them gentle and safe...

New Research Findings....

Omega-3 Fatty Acids can be used to reduce anxiety in dogs.

In recent studies, giving anxious dogs Omega-3 fatty acids daily resulted in a decrease in anxiety of between 405 and 50% .... in 87% of the dogs tested. That's a very positive result.

Omega-3's have a whole host of benefits for older dogs, including helping relieve discomfort related to aging joints, improving skin and coat health and maintaining good cognitive function.

Now they have joined the list of natural remedies for dog anxiety as well.y

Here are a few Omega-3 products you may like to try:

Accessories & Products For Dog Anxiety

This is the broadest category and contains a range of clever and inventive natural remedies for dog anxiety.

Great products to keep your senior dog calm in a variety of situations...

Calming CD's For Dogs

We've all experienced the calming effect (or the opposite) which music can have. 

Dogs respond similarly, and these CD's have been specifically created to provide relaxing melodies and sounds for Fido...

Dog Anxiety - Read All About It

No matter what the subject, I always find a good book can really help me figure things out.

These three take a closer look at both canine separation anxiety and the type of anxiety triggered by Canine Cognitive Dysfunction in older dogs and give you lots of tips and advice for dealing with the problems these can cause...

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