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Cole and Auggie

by Randa (Fredericksburg, VA) Cole is the handsome white boy; Auggie is the tan gentle giant Hi! I proudly present Cole, age 8, Auggie, age [...]
Behavior & Training

How Old IS My Dog?

Wondering ‘Exactly how old IS my dog?’ isn’t unusual for the owners of canine seniors. As this site is all about caring for older dogs, [...]
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Best Senior Dog Supplies

The best senior dog supplies can keep your older dog healthier, happier and more comfortable. They can also make his life, and yours, easier. So [...]
Golden Oldie Gallery


by Sue My beautiful Bonnie! To get the ball rolling, here’s a photo of my 13 year old Rottweiler, Bonnie 🙂 She’s a sweetheart who loves to be petted, adores peanut butter and can still […]

Golden Oldie Gallery

Bella Mia Maggio

by Lynn Maggio (Tampa, FL) Bella #1 Fan Bella Mia Maggio is a sixteen year old Cocker Spaniel who has been in our family her whole life. A loving, tender, and yes, spoiled gal, seeing […]

Golden Oldie Gallery

Eevon Rose Franklin

by April (Texas) 2 months old her first picture at home Eevon came to me from a pet store at 2 months old, my aunt’s bought her for me for my 16th birthday and the […]