All dogs have a much shorter lifespan compare to us human being. When the time is near all of their organs will start to shut down (dying process) and die similar to peoples.
The truth about the end of your most honest friend life is not an easy thing and sometime hard to accept. euthanasia dying dog can be intensely painful for all pet owners so you must answer this question all by yourself and nobody can help you choose the right choice.

Dying dog symptoms

  • runny eyes
  • panting when the weather is not hot
  • vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • tail between legs
  • behaviour change
  • lethargic and lays down for long periods of time
  • weakness
  • low energy level
  • cannot get up
  • unable to eat any food
  • unable to drink water from a bowl
  • lose the ability to control bowels and bladder (excretory functions)
  • body temperature drop
  • spasmodic and gasping breathing
  • white and lifeless gum
  • unconscious