Before we talk about dog parvo symptoms we will begin with canine parvovirus (CPV). It can only affect dog and can not pass on to human or any other animals.
CPV is a very dangerous contagious disease that doesnot fly in the air but can transmit from one dog to another by direct contact with feces or anything that have direct contact with them.
Parvo can survive up to nine month in the environment if the surrounding temperature and conditions is right. You can protect your dog from parvo by giving vaccine against this disease.
Parvo can also be transmitted by bird that carry this disease. When infected bird fly pass or sit in your backyard they lay feces and your dog can get infected due to this reason so you must always clean your backyard when you have free time because it can mean the health and life of your dog.
If you let your dog stay outside of your house then don’t forget to change drinking water regularly because there is a chance that water can contains parvo disease.

Dog parvo symptoms

When dog are infected with parvo virus, they will shown sign of symptoms such as high fever, stop eating, critical diarrhea, lethargy and vomiting often. Their stool will be yellow color liquid, have strong bad smell and contain blood.
CPV will divide itself into many cells and attacks important place such as intestinal and digestive system so infected dog won’t be able to absorb water or any nutrients that is useful for the body.
Parvo can also infects adult dog but it is often found in small puppies because of low immune system. After a while infected dog will have symptoms such as shock, heart failure and sudden death. This disease is very time sensitive and if you seen any sign of this disease then you must take to your local veterinarian as quick as you can.


You must keep your puppies away from other dogs as much as possible during the early age until they receives complete parvo vaccine from your local veterinarian eventhough it doesn’t fully guarantee that your dog will be completely protected from CPV but it is a lot better than having no protection at all.


Dog that are Infected with parvo disease will show clear symptoms of dehydration and malnutrition. You can do the basic treatment at home by pumping fluid that contains vitamins, sugar, and potassium into your dog body and take them to the pet hospital or clinic as fast as possible.
Veterinarian will sometimes inject your dog with anti-nausea medication to stop or help preventing further regurgitation. Once your dog is feeling better and able to eat food. Vet will give you antibiotics and medicines to helps prevent other infection because at this period your dog immune system will be low for serveral week.


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