Best Dog Incontinence Products

Dog incontinence products are designed to make life with a leaky-dog easier for everyone.

It doesn't matter whether your dogs' incontinence is due to injury, illness or age..... the problems it causes are the same:

Wet beds, sofas and carpets. Puddles (or piles) on the floor. Sore, irritated skin and even recurring bladder or skin infections. 

Best dog incontinence products

'Leaky plumbing' makes life difficult for everyone - but you can minimize those difficulties by using the right products.

On this page I've taken a look at everything from belly bands and doggie diapers to water-proof dog beds, cleaning products and more.

You can use these quick links to jump straight to the products you're interested in, or simply scroll down to see a broad selection of the best dog incontinence products on the market....

Doggie Diapers For Dog Incontinence

Okay, so diapers are the obvious 'first line of defense' when you're dealing with incontinence in older dogs . 

Versatile Diapers

Of course diapers are perfect for dogs with bowel/bladder control issues.... but they're useful for female dogs in heat (to protect furniture and flooring) and also for dogs/pups struggling with submissive urination

But what kind of diaper is best for your dog?

Well, that can depend on the severity of his incontinence, and whether it's just his bladder he has a problem with or his bowels as well.

The choices are similar to those that are available for humans - disposable diapers and washable diapers. Each choice has it's pros & cons.

For dogs there are also belly bands, which are the 'light' version of a diaper that works for male dogs with mild 'leakage'.

If you use washable dog diapers it's a good idea to also add a disposable liner inside. 

For incontinent dogs who pee rather than dribble you can put a disposable baby diaper, a woman's sanitary pad or an incontinence pad (designed for people) inside the washable one.

Liners of some sort are vital if your dog can't control his bowels because it catches the poop and you can then just throw/flush it all away.

Diaper liners can also help keep your dog's skin drier and therefore minimize 'scalding' (the damage acidic urine causes to skin) and keep him more comfortable.

Washable Doggie Diapers & Belly Bands

Washable diapers aren't the least labor-intensive option but they do have some advantages over disposable ones.

Firstly they tend to fit better, are more comfortable for Fido, are quieter (if you've every listened to a toddler rustling around in a disposable diaper you'll know what I mean), and for some reason your dog seems to be less likely to try to pull them off.

Plus they're more environmentally friendly :)

Washable dog diapers come in a wide variety of styles, sizes and fabrics, and there's one to suit every dog, and every level of incontinence.

Let's take a look at a few of the top brands....

SnuggEase Doggie Diapers


  • Four layers or high-quality, highly absorbent fabric
  • Suitable for male or female dogs
  • Has small 'Poop' reservoir
  • 'Cinch-Lock Tail Anchoring System' for a better fit
  • Mesh lining keeps dog's skin drier
  • Machine washable (don't tumble-dry)
  • Available in sizes XX-S all the way to XXX-L


  • Velcro is strong and can be loud, not great for 'jumpy' dogs
  • Only available in one color (navy blue)
  • The 'toggle' at the tail can distract your dog
  • Quite thick & bulky

Barkertime Dog Diapers, Belly Bands & Wraps

Barkertime makes washable diapers for female dogs & washable belly bands/wraps for males.

There are also adjustable suspenders to help hold diapers/belly bands in place for extra security, in a wide variety of colors/designs.

They all need to be used WITH Barkertime reusable diaper liners (or any other brand as long as they fit) or you can use ladies sanitary pads or incontinence pads for adults.

Diapers and belly bands come in regular and premium options and are available in X-Small to XX-Large sizes.

Regular Diapers:

Soft and comfy polyester cotton fabric in a wide range of adorable designs.


  • Ergonomic design for superior fit and minimal leaks
  • Secure and adjustable velcro fastenings
  • Fully washable and quick drying


  • NOT absorbent enough to be used without additional pads/liners
  • Sizing isn't generous, so be extra careful with measurements

Premium Diapers:

Soft, comfy terry cloth lining with fully waterproof exterior.

Pros and cons are as for Regular Diapers, with one important addition - these premium doggie diapers are totally waterproof for maximum leak protection.

Regular Belly Bands:

Soft polyester fabric lined with comfy fleece.


  • Ergonomic, elasticated design for superior fit and minimal leaks
  • Easy on/off with adjustable velcro fastening
  • Generous sizing for complete coverage
  • Three layers of moisture-resistant fabric
  • Fully washable, durable, quick-drying
  • Loads of adorable fabric patterns/designs


  • Must be worn with additional pads/liners

Premium Belly Bands:

Fully waterproof outer layer (polyurethane laminate) plus super soft and absorbent terry cloth inner layer.

Pros and cons are as for Regular Belly bands, but this premium line has superior leak-proof qualities due to the addition of waterproof fabric.

Barkertime now have the amazing 'Dog Diaper Overall' which works for dogs who are 'odd' shapes (not that any of our dogs could ever be considered 'odd' but you know what I mean!) such as Dachshunds, Basset Hounds, English Bulldogs etc.

They're pretty much escape-proof too, so if you have a golden oldie who objects to wearing diapers and removes them at the first opportunity (even if they have suspenders) these are the ones for him (or her).

Available in sizes XS all the way up to XXL!

Disposable Doggie Diapers & Belly Bands

If you prefer to go the disposable route there are a couple of good options to choose from.

Disposable diapers are less labor-intensive and can seem cheaper to start with (but you will use a lot of them so the cost adds up).

Although a baby's diaper can be used inside washable dog diapers they don't do a good job alone. The fit just isn't right... because they're designed for baby humans!

Disposable dog diapers are styled to fit the non-human shape of our dogs legs and bellies, and although they're not generally as leak-proof as washable diapers they can do a good job.

Disposable belly bands can be a good choice as long as you add extra absorbent padding such as a doggie diaper liner or a sanitary or incontinence pad.

Here's a look at some of the most popular brands/styles of disposable dog diapers on the market, all available in a whole range of sizes.....

More Dog Incontinence Products

Now we've taken a look at the most obvious choices, ie diapers and male wraps/belly bands, let's see what other products there are available to help with the problems of dog incontinence.

A water-resistant dog bed (or crate pad) can make life a whole lot easier for you and more comfortable for your dog. 

There are no totally waterproof beds, but the ones I've featured below are very good at repelling urine or have removable covers and waterproof liners.

If the fabric is slick or shiny, you may want to throw an old towel or blanket (one that's easy to wash) over the bed too.

Waterproof sheets or rubber-backed sheets or blankets can be used on the your furniture and easy-to-clean, water-resistant hammocks or car seat covers are good for when you're out and about.

No matter how many products you use to help minimize the puddles and/or piles, there will be mistakes from time to time.

So - good stain/odor removal products are essential if your older dog has leaky plumbing.

I've tried just about all the most popular cleaning products in this niche and have included the ones that have passed the in-home testing.

Then there are natural supplements that can help support healthy urinary tract function. They won't prevent incontinence, but they can help prevent it from getting worse as well as helping your dogs' bladder to stay healthy.

Waterproof Dog Beds & Protectors

Dog Urine Clean-Up Products

Here's another product that a site visitor highly recommends: 

It's effective at removing organic stains and odor resulting from pee, poop and vomit... apparently also a great general odor remover and even works to take the smell of cigarette smoke out of furniture.

Sounds like a winner!

I hope that the dog incontinence products on this page help you to keep your pet drier and more comfortable.

If your dog is happy, you're going to be happier too!

Supplements for Dog Urinary Health

Sometimes incontinence in dogs can't be helped by medications/treatment and simply needs to be managed. 

In that situation the focus is on products to make living with an incontinent dog easier.

But, sometimes the incontinence is temporary, or can be remedied.

In addition to vet prescribed medications or procedures, there are a range of natural products which are designed to help keep your dog's urinary system healthy and functioning as well as it possibly can.

There are many different options to choose from, but here are some from reputable, well regulated manufacturers that I trust:

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