Sleeping Labrador retriever puppy against white background

It’s easy to recognize a healthy dog because they has good diet, bright and cheerful eyes, shines with a beautiful coat even if their hair is short.
They are always full of energy playing and running around the house.

Signs of healthy dog


Shiny, glossy, springy and soft to touch.
No dandruff, bald spots, excessive oiliness, skin irritation, fleas, ticks and parasites.


Bright, clear, shiny, healthy pink area around eyeball (conjunctiva).
No paleness and discharge.


Clean and pink skin inside the ear.
No ticks, redness, swelling, excessive yellow or brownish wax and bad smell from the ear.


Firm and brown in color.
No straining, runny, watery, black in color, contain blood and rice-like shape inside the feces.


Short nails.
No dirty objects, redness or swelling.

Heart and Pulse rate

Depend on size of your dog. Average heart and pulse rate for resting dogs is 50-130 times.


Cool wet nose or dry warm nose doesn’t necessarily mean that your dog is sick. Measure their temperature to get accurate diagnosis.
No foul smell, thick, bubbly, yellow or green nasal discharge.


Firm, pink, or pigmented with black.
No paleness in the gums which lead to anemia, Red inflamed gums are often initial sign of gingivitis or other periodontal disease.


Clean, Sparkling, free of plaque and tartar (23 teeth for puppies and 42 for adult dogs).


No odd lumps in the tissue or indentations of the muscles.


Flexible, smooth, pale pink to brown or black color depending on the breed.
No fleas, ticks, lice, open sores, scabs, growths, white flakes, or red areas.


A dog’s normal rectal temperature is 101 – 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit.


Clear and yellow.
No blood or excessive urination for short period of time.


balance between diet and exercise. The rib and hipbones should not be visible but can be felt by touching.

Signs of an Unhealthy Dog

A sick dog will show symptoms of lethargic and irritable in some case. Temperature can be use to determine the health of your dog. If the measured temperature is not in the average normal dog temperature mentioned above then this could be the first signs of illness. Alway contact your veterinarian if your dog is not feeling well because there is a risk of infection from other types of diseases and parasites.

Conclusion on dog health symptoms

These few paragraph mentioned above are a few basic guidelines that you can use to check the health of your dog. Alway call your vet if your dog is sick to get accurate diagnosis and treatments.

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