Dog Allergies Prevention Tips & Techniques

Allergy is difficult to be treated and easy to be prevented. If you have pets, then the first thing you need to do is to learn how to avoid the allergen in pets. There are so many people out there who are allergic to pet dogs and these allergic people are approximately 15%. The interesting part is that, these people are not even aware that they are allergic to pet dogs until they own one. When they come in contact with dogs, they experience feelings like runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes and sometimes mild fever too. The first thing you need to do to cope up with allergies is to learn to groom your pet dog and also train it.
The signs and symptoms of allergy usually occur after some minutes of contact with the dog. However, some people also experience the signs after 12 hours after being in contact with the dog.  There are some tips and guidelines to prevent dog allergies. They are given as under:
1.   Dog allergies are preventable. You need to take some care while you are grooming and brushing the dog. Wearing a dust-filtering mask helps a lot. If you need to handle the god more closely, wearing gloves is also a good and a safe choice. This way you can reduce the allergy symptoms. Washing hands and arms after you have touched the animal can also prevent allergy.
2.   If you have been very close to the animal, then it is best if you change clothes and take a Luke-warm shower to cut the allergen affects.
3.   According to a research from Humane Society, you can reduce and eliminate the chances of acquiring an allergy up to 84% if you take special care of hygiene of your pet dog. Giving him a bath at least once a week is essential. Using a mild soap to wash the fur is better and will not cause any harsh reaction on the skin.
4.   There are allergic wipes available in the market these days. You can use them on skin of the dog while giving him a bath. They help reduce the chances of allergy.
5.   Also clean the area where the dog sleeps and eats with great care. This can help to reduce allergens too.
6.   Do not let your pet dog stay in contact with your bed, blankets, pillows and also furniture.

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