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by Majella (Limerick, Ireland ) Halloween 2016 Gromit is my best pal, he is 16 since April 2017 and is currently suffering from vestibular disease, feel really bad as he can’t go for his usual […]

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How Old IS My Dog?

Wondering ‘Exactly how old IS my dog?’ isn’t unusual for the owners of canine seniors. As this site is all about caring for older dogs, I thought it would be a good idea to add […]

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What’s New Senior Dog Blog

Welcome to my blog! This is where you find all the latest pages, articles, news and more – especially designed for the owners of older dogs. To make sure you won’t miss anything, why not […]

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General Care of Senior Dogs

Senior Dog Care

Senior dog care involves some ‘added extras’ on top of the normal tasks, routines and commitments that we all know are part of being a dog-parent. If you’re ‘mom or dad’ to an elderly dog, […]