Golden Oldie Gallery


This is our “grandma” dog, Ruby. She is a 16 year old Jack Russell terrier. Her eyesight is failing BUT she still watches TV and jumps at images of dogs, kids or balls being thrown. […]

Golden Oldie Gallery


by C Williams (Aberdeenshire, Scotland) Malky is a 17 year old Parson Jack Russell Recently recovered from an attack of vestibular disease Selectively deaf Has given up barking Still likes to play and hump the […]

Golden Oldie Gallery


by sharon (Loveland,ohio,usa) Coakie is a 16 year old long haired black lab/chow mix. He hops up with a smile for anyone entering the house. He loves being petted. He love anything you are eating […]

Golden Oldie Gallery

Rockerfeller Jamieson

by joanie jamieson (New York) Biking with mom and dad Rockerfeller will be 18 years old. Though deaf and blind. He walks 2 miles up and down the mountain. He eats all his meals and […]

Golden Oldie Gallery


by Shannon (Ontario Canada ) Sasha Hi, my family has just adopted a senior lab named Sasha. We think she is 8 or 9. We have 3 kids 11 and twin 6 yr olds. This […]

Golden Oldie Gallery


by Deanna (Arizona ) We just lost our Jacob, we miss him greatly. He brought so much love and joy into our lives. He was our friend, our constant companion, our protector, the one who […]

Golden Oldie Gallery


by Majella (Limerick, Ireland ) Halloween 2016 Gromit is my best pal, he is 16 since April 2017 and is currently suffering from vestibular disease, feel really bad as he can’t go for his usual […]

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Treating Arthritis In Senior Dogs

When it comes to treating arthritis in senior dogs, giving anti-inflammatory drugs and pain-killers are often the first things that come to mind. But arthritis relief for dogs comes in many different forms, and there […]

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The Best Senior Dog Beds

Not all senior dog beds are the same… which is just as well because every senior dog is unique too! Your older dog might have arthritis or joint pain, he might feel the cold a […]

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Puppies And Older Dogs – Can It Work?

Mixing puppies and older dogs can be can be like creating the perfect PB&J… or it can be more like trying to blend oil and water! If you’re planning on introducing a new puppy, or […]