6 Ways To Improve Your Dog’s Diet

It’s not enough just to give your dog all the love in the world, though of course, that is important too. To ensure that their bodies, teeth, and mind are as healthy as can be, […]

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Dog Health

Water-Borne Illnesses in Dogs

What kind of diseases can your dog get from swimming in lakes, streams, ponds, or rivers? Swimming is an excellent form of exercise and fun for many dogs. However, in some lakes, ponds, and streams […]

Dog Care

Maintaining Your Dog Health – Things to Do

Many people are concerned with their pets because they want to take care of them in the best way possible. Humans develop a really close relationship with their pets that only they can understand. Dogs […]

Dog Care

Dog Skin Care Tips & Techniques

Taking care of dogs is very important so that they are safe from the many allergies and infections that can really destroy their health. If you love your pet a lot then you will do […]


Beautiful Old Dog Quotes

Spend a few minutes with these old dog quotes and you’ll leave with a smile on your face. Our senior companions have their very own special blend of charms, and I’ve done my best to […]

Golden Oldie Gallery


by Amanda Jenkins (Norfolk Uk) Dear Izzy is 14 1/2 and a wonderful stubborn toy obsessed jaçk Russell /Lakeland.. She has been a fantastic companion but lately is feeling her years. Rather deaf and failing […]

Golden Oldie Gallery


by Karen (Palm Springs, CA) Our boy , “Chan” is a almost 12 year old German Shepherd mix. He can into our lives when my sister and I were running a no kill dog sanctuary […]

Golden Oldie Gallery


by Mary Baldwin (Winfield Mo) Dundee is a 14 y.o. Australian Shepherd. He is a red merle.

Golden Oldie Gallery

Cole and Auggie

by Randa (Fredericksburg, VA) Cole is the handsome white boy; Auggie is the tan gentle giant Hi! I proudly present Cole, age 8, Auggie, age 12-ish.

Golden Oldie Gallery

Bella Mia Maggio

by Lynn Maggio (Tampa, FL) Bella #1 Fan Bella Mia Maggio is a sixteen year old Cocker Spaniel who has been in our family her whole life. A loving, tender, and yes, spoiled gal, seeing […]