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Jul 04, 2017

Happy 4th of July Everyone

Jun 28, 2017

Best Dog Food For Senior Dogs

Dog food for senior dogs comes in a variety of formulas to suit all sizes, breeds and health conditions. Find the perfect choice for your older dog here.

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Jun 23, 2017

Best Dog Incontinence Products

A look at the best dog incontinence products on the market. Everything you need to keep your dog dry and comfortable, and protect your home too.

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Jun 18, 2017

Happy Father's Day

May 17, 2017

Why Is My Older Dog Coughing?

If your older dog is coughing, it could be a sign of several different, and possibly serious, health issues. The info you need to help your senior is here.

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May 03, 2017


We just lost our Jacob, we miss him greatly. He brought so much love and joy into our lives. He was our friend, our constant companion, our protector,

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May 01, 2017

Old Dog Vestibular Disease - What You Need To Know

Old Dog Vestibular Disease appears suddenly and symptoms such as head tilt, dizziness & rolling eyes can be scary. Luckily most dogs recover fairly quickly.

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May 01, 2017

Gordo the Bulldog still enjoys an adventure!

A visitor recently let me know about his older bulldog Gordo, who isn't getting any younger but is still a puppy at heart.

To help Gordo's get the most out of his golden years he gets out and about in style. You can see how happy it makes him by that big bulldog smile :)

Thanks for sharing this sweet video with us Mariana!

Apr 25, 2017

Intervertebral Disc Disease In Dogs

Intervertebral Disc Disease in dogs (aka IVDD) can cause pain, lameness, even paralysis.Learn about prevention, diagnosis and treatment here.

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Apr 15, 2017

Bella Mia Maggio

Bella Mia Maggio is a sixteen year old Cocker Spaniel who has been in our family her whole life. A loving, tender, and yes, spoiled gal, seeing her become

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Apr 06, 2017

Share a photo of your Golden Oldie!

Our senior dogs have their very own special beauty which (in my opinion anyway) isn't showcased or celebrated enough.

So why not share a photo of your golden oldie right here on this website... we'll all enjoy seeing it :)

Simply click on the link below to learn more and see the sweet and special seniors already featured.

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Apr 06, 2017

Share a photo of your Golden Oldie!

Our senior dogs have their own special kind of beauty, that doesn't get seen or celebrated nearly enough (in my opinion anyway).

It's easy to share a photo of your golden oldie on this website for all my visitors to enjoy... just click on the link below :)

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Mar 27, 2017

Putting Your Dog To Sleep - A Heart-Wrenching Kindness

Putting your dog to sleep is heart-wrenching, even when it's the right decision. Find out how to know when it's time, and help your senior pass peacefully.

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Mar 09, 2017

Blue Buffalo Dog Food Voluntary Recall

A few days ago, Blue Buffalo announced a voluntary recall on certain products within the Blue Divine Delights and Blue Wilderness Trail Trays.

According to Blue Buffalo, the recall is due to 'quality issues with the foil seals' - which I'm assuming could allow the food to become tainted or contaminated.

Check out the link below for a full list of the products (and their UPC numbers).

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Mar 05, 2017

Homemade Organic Dog Treats

We all love to spoil our dogs, and what could be better than treating Fido or Fifi to some delicious AND healthy treats?

A rescued Chihuahua mix called Dante is the inspiration behind Dante's Doggy Delights.

His mom, Naiwa Northey wanted only the very best for her precious pup and started baking him organic treats rather than buying store-bought ones.

She's now sharing these delicious and healthy treats with dog lovers everywhere and donating 10% of profits to the SPCA.

Why not give your golden oldie some of these deliciously healthy yummies... it's a win-win :)

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